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Ken's confessional poem, "Shaken (But Not Stirred)," offers a vivid exploration of the experience of drinking an unconventional mixture, evoking memories and emotions that ultimately lead to a sense of resignation and acceptance.

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The "Still We Rise"


Ken's prose poem "Revelation 21:5," short-listed in The Wee Sparrow Poetry Press' digital zine competition Still We Rise, speaks to the mishandling of the COVID-19 outbreak by those in power. The poem highlights the abuse of position and deceitful tactics used to mislead the public. To fully appreciate the metaphysicality of the poem, Ken Le'Marchand opted for religious imagery to underscore the relevance of the cause.

To access "Revelation 21:5," and many other poems by magnificent poets, you can read the free digital zine by clicking on the button link below.

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